Brush Holder and Collector Ring


Give support to electric brushes and its easels. Fabricated in brass or bronze can be provided assembled in isolated bases containing easels and constant pressure springs.

We fabricate also accessories for several types of brush holders as:

  • – Easels;
  • – Constant pressure springs;
  • – Isolated rods for fixation;
  • – Isolated basis;

Collector ring:

They are rotary devices formed by consecutive cylindrical tracks grouped among isolated partitions which avoid the closure the small circuit within the electrically conductive tracks. Work together with brush holders and electric brushes transferring the electric current from a generator to the electric network.

The conductive tracks are normally fabricated in bronze or copper and the isolated parts are molded in epoxy resin, each track has an individual connecting point.

Made through samples, drawings or technical specifications, the Graficel analysis the needs of its customers to develop solutions and offers technic personal to help its clients to optimize the equipment performance.


Main products and services

It is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of carbon brushes, graphite and celeron vanes, graphite rings and bushings, brush holders, collector rings, constant pressure springs, plugs and graphite plates, among others. In the line of bronze and steel, we manufacture tacos, columns, guides, lateral, wedge of guide, castle, cover of guide, bolt destacador, lifter, balancer, extractor, ring of sliding, among others.

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