Bronze and Steel Components


Bronze and Steel components from Graficel are self-lubricating

Seeing the need of the market, GT Grafites has a new line of Bronze and Steel components. The products manufactured by the industry have elements that are self-lubricating used in the development of molds, dies for stamping and for other industrial segments.

The range of bronze and steel components consists of: guide bush; bushings for bearings; guide ring; guide plate; guide column; pneumatic detacher; prismatic guide; detaching pin; guide anchor; guide cover; guide wedge and guide prism

Our industry is ready to manufacture standard and special items that are created from drawings or any models presented, in addition to the development of new products according to the needs of each client.

The bronze components are oil-free parts, with the insertion of solid lubricants such as graphite and MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) on the surface of the base metal. Its particles have low cut resistance and great adherence to solid bodies, thus forming a lubricating film between the sliding surfaces.

Why it is better to opt for bronze and steel components

The main advantages of using bronze components are long operation without the need for maintenance; high static and dynamic load capacity; uniformly low friction; absence of the ‘’ stick effect ’and more hygienic work without the need for lubricating oils.

Solid Lubricants

The solid lubricant is produced under pressure, because this is the only way to obtain a homogeneous and compacted material. It is permanently placed in the holes or bags on the bronze support. The holes are misaligned in the sliding direction to optimize the transparency against the face.

The content of the natural graphite lubricant ensures that no chemical reactions occur between the lubricant, the support and the material, when the three are in contact with water. For graphite-free application, GT Grafites has other lubricants or, still, makes use of lubrication channels.

In addition to having bronze and steel components, GT Grafites is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of graphite for DM, carbon brushes, graphite reeds, Celeron parts, graphite rings and bushings, constant pressure springs, plugs ( pins), brush holders and slip rings, graphite plates, among others.

We also produce bushings, columns, guides, side, guide wedge, castle, guide cover, detaching pin, lifter, balancer, extractor, slip ring, among others.


Main products and services

It is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of carbon brushes, graphite and celeron vanes, graphite rings and bushings, brush holders, collector rings, constant pressure springs, plugs and graphite plates, among others. In the line of bronze and steel, we manufacture tacos, columns, guides, lateral, wedge of guide, castle, cover of guide, bolt destacador, lifter, balancer, extractor, ring of sliding, among others.

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