Mechanical Applications


Physical characteristics and typical applications of mechanic carbon:

Carbon for application in sliding parts is fabricated with artificial graphite or amorphous carbon and it may contain synthetic resins or metals to improve its characteristics. These materials present many vantages which are no available in metallic materials normally used for the same purpose.

Some characteristics are:

    • – High lubricant quality with the advantage of being solid and therefore with lower possibility of contaminate the products in contact;
    • – Thermal shock resistance. Thermal expansion coefficient is very low, consequently there is better resistance to repeated changes on temperature;
    • – High thermal conductivity. The heat generated by the parts in friction can be effectively dissipated avoiding damage on the surface and minimizing the carbon wastage;
    • – High chemical stability. The carbon is not easily attacked by acid or alkaline solutions, salts or normal organic solvents. Its oxidation only occurs in temperatures higher than 450°C;
    • – Another great advantage from carbon is its porosity which makes possible the saturation with resins or metals improving and adjusting its characteristics in each required application.

Other applications or problem solutions could be analyzed by our technical department.

Some examples of parts for mechanical applications:

  • – Graphite rings for mechanical labels;
  • – Graphite bushings;
  • – Bearings;
  • – Crucibles;
  • – Molds for fusing;
  • – Graphite vanes for pumps and compressors, etc.


Main products and services

It is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of carbon brushes, graphite and celeron vanes, graphite rings and bushings, brush holders, collector rings, constant pressure springs, plugs and graphite plates, among others. In the line of bronze and steel, we manufacture tacos, columns, guides, lateral, wedge of guide, castle, cover of guide, bolt destacador, lifter, balancer, extractor, ring of sliding, among others.

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