Supply of Products with Quality, Efficiency and Technology and Project Development

We guarantee the development and supply of products and services is carried out with the highest quality and efficiency possible. Our main aim is to provide customers with the best options, both in terms of products, delivery times and quality.

We guarantee excellent agility in supply and delivery, as we have years of experience and logistical training above average. To better serve our customers and partners, we offer exclusive service of high competence and reliability.

We have a team of specialized and qualified professionals, receive training to update themselves in the development of the production line, so that it is nothing short of impeccable.

Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, as well as the living environment, for this, we have a work safety team, which ensures that everyone inside the premises, uses personal protective equipment, regardless of whether they whether or not engaged in product development.


Main products and services

It is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of carbon brushes, graphite and celeron vanes, graphite rings and bushings, brush holders, collector rings, constant pressure springs, plugs and graphite plates, among others. In the line of bronze and steel, we manufacture tacos, columns, guides, lateral, wedge of guide, castle, cover of guide, bolt destacador, lifter, balancer, extractor, ring of sliding, among others.

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